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Welcome to Success Prep Education Center. Here, we tutor students starting from elementary school, all the way through High School. We were founded by an enthusiastic and passionate tutor.

We all share a belief that academic achievement could not be attained without profound understandings in literature, Mathematics, Writings, and Self-Esteem.

Our mission is to bring core values to the society through logical reasoning and critical thinking. Our goal is to let our students develop themselves in a positive manor, to challenge themselves to the highest degree, land to expand their mind and heart.

At success prep education center, you child will have the opportunity and guidance to reach their maximum potential and bring out their strengths for their future endeavors. Our tutoring and guidance is different for each student focusing on their strengths and weakness. No student is the same and our small class sizes with attentive teachings allows for the individuality of the student to shine.

Students who are in KG to 2nd grade will be trained for Gifted & Talented exams while students who are in 3rd to 7th grade can be prepared for the for ELA, Hunter and State tests. For our students who are in 8th to 12th grade, we prepare them for SHSAT/PSAT/and the SAT. Also we provide customized curriculums for daring and challenging students.

Our services range from After-school programs to Creative writing, Singapore Math, Regents, AP Calculus, GED, College Planning and Financial Aids, CLEP exam, CUNY Entrance Preparations and SATII Subject tests.

Our programs not only focus on grades but also the mindset and attitude; we provide activities such as meditation to help attain a calm and collected mind. Also Games such as chess and scrabble for your child to improve their logical thinking. Only sky is the limit for your child’s academic and personal growth.
Success Prep prepares your child FOR SUCCESS.

Remember ... Success is a journey, not a destination. We can help shape the future of your child now. Let us be the guide on your child’s journey.
Believe in yourself and anything is possible , believing is achieving!

We are located right in the heart of Elmhurst, close to the Queens Library, Subway, and a bus station. We provide a positive learning environment in a very safe neighborhood. Our staff and students here are diverse, responsible, friendly and respectful. Come learn with us today!

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