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Four Principles Of Test-Taking (From our Grade 4 workbook)

Using time wisely

All standardized tests are timed. Your child needs to understand how to manage time wisely. Review these strategies together;

  1. work rapidly but comfortably.

  2. Do not spend too much time on any one question.

  3. Mark items to return to if there is enough time.

  4. Use any remaining time to review answers.

  5. Use a watch to keep track of time.

Avoiding errors

Your child can practice these strategies when choosing the correct answers on standardized tests;

  1. Pay careful attention to directions.

  2. Determine what is being asked.

  3. Mark answers in the appropriate place.

  4. Check all answers.

  5. Do not make stray marks on the answer sheet.


Standardized tests require your child to think logically when answering each question. These strategies can help your child think through each question before choosing the best answer;

  1. Before answering a question, read the entire question or passage and all the answer choices.

  2. Restate questions and answer choices in your own words.

  3. Apply skills learned in class and practice situations.


Your child can learn the best thing to do when the correct answer is not clear right away. Suggest these hints as helpful solutions if a question seems difficult;

  1. Try to answer all of the questions within the allotted time. Do not spend too much time on a question that seems hard.

  2. Eliminate answers that you know are incorrect. If you cannot do this, skip the question.

  3. Compare the remaining answers. Restate the question, and then choose the answer that seems most correct.

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